Learn everthing about the X-hip examination

Probably you have seen a proximal femoral fracture on an X-hip examination before. But are you also able to further classify the fracture?

Have you ever heard of the ilioischial line and the iliopubic line? No? Then it's time to study the new class X-hip.

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New: class Ultrasound abdomen general

What are the possibilities and limitations of an ultrasound examination of the abdomen? 

How should I interpret the echo images?

This, and much more, can now be read in the class Ultrasound abdomen general.

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CT abdomen general

What do you know about the abdominal CT examination?

Read all about the basics in class CT abdomen General (when to use contrast, general anatomy, tips&trics and much more) .

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Only a few more classes to go


The English translation is almost finished. At this moment we are working on the translation of the remaining classes and the animation video on the homepage.

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Launch of StartRadiology 7/7/2016

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website StartRadiology; the English version of StartpuntRadiologie.nl.

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