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StartRadiology is committed to accessibility and excellence in the transfer of knowledge.

StartRadiology Foundation is made possible by passionate professionals who contribute their time and talents out of love for education and the radiology field.
We could have opted to make StartRadiology a commercial enterprise. We did not, because it is our ambition as a foundation to reach and assist as many people as possible with our freely accessible educational platform.

Why donate?
Even though StartRadiology Foundation has no payroll, we do have annual expenses. Operating and maintaining a website costs money. Your donation will enable us to maintain and improve the StartRadiology website (and the Dutch parent site StartpuntRadiologie).

How will we use your donation?
Your donation will be used to fund necessities like bandwidth, servers, maintenance, translation costs and new developments. Potential new developments include novel visual presentation forms on the website or creating a user-friendly app.  
Your donation will be transferred to the bank account of StartRadiology Foundation and will be used solely for educational initiatives as part of the StartRadiology project.

We hope you are enjoying and benefiting from StartpuntRadiologie/StartRadiology.
If you decide to help us maintain and develop this educational platform, you have our gratitude. Any amount you can spare would be wonderful, because even small contributions over time add up.

Thank you so much.

Annelies van der Plas, in behalf of StartRadiology Foundation.