About us

My name is Annelies van der Plas; I am currently working as musculoskeletal radiologist at Maastricht UMC+ (The Netherlands).
During my medical studies, I noted that the availability of educational radiology materials was very limited. It would seem that in terms of radiology, interns are thrown in at the deep end.

Seeing the role of radiology in the clinical diagnostic process is becoming increasingly important, each intern must have a basic knowledge of radiology.
This problem inspired me to develop an educational radiology platform specifically for interns (launch: 24 January 2014). One of my favorite leisure activities is to create easy-to-understand illustrations and courses, providing Dutch interns with a convenient and fun way to prepare for their internships.

The project was originally intended for Dutch medical students/interns (www.startpuntradiologie.nl). The positive response prompted the launch of an English version also (7 July 2016), enabling even more medical students/interns to benefit from these materials.

StartRadiology Foundation
StartRadiology is a non-profit initiative. The platform was developed purely to transfer knowledge and is accessible to all who desire to increase their knowledge of radiology. A logical step therefore was the establishment of the StartRadiology Foundation (Dutch name: StartpuntRadiologie, Chamber of Commerce number 61069949).

LUMC Radiology Department  
StartRadiology is fully supported by the LUMC radiology department (Leiden, The Netherlands).  To us as a department, StartRadiology is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to radiology education in all of the Netherlands. Making difficult subject matter transparent in a modern and accessible way aligns perfectly with the mission of our hospital.
LUMC has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This is also true for the radiology department: each radiology field is represented by superspecialized staff with much know-how and expertise. For you as interns, involvement of these staff members has several benefits:

  • Everything on the website has been checked by experienced radiologists.
  • More in-depth and specialized know-how that is not to be found elsewhere.
  • More lessons! The entire department supports this educational platform, with many people working on the courses. So you may expect a diversity of courses to be added shortly.
  • Since 2015, radiology training and nuclear medicine training have been merged in the Netherlands. A number of courses on nuclear medicine will therefore also be added in the near future.

Science and education take high priority at the LUMC radiology department. To find out more about one of the many opportunities here at the LUMC radiology department, click here 
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Enjoy your studies on this website, and all the best with your internships!
Want to contribute to StartRadiology? Or have suggestions/ideas/questions? Feel free to mail us!

Annelies van der Plas
Musculoskeletal radiologist Maastricht UMC+ (The Netherlands)

All the work (text, illustrations, visual elements) seen on this website is copyright by Annelies van der Plas. It may not be used without written permission of Annelies van der Plas.